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House Kink: The House M.D. Kink Meme

Trust them. They're doctors.

29 May
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Kink what?

What is a kink meme? You request a pairing and a prompt/kink anonymously, and someone else (or several other people) will fill that request. All in all, this is a fun way to get fic and fun way to find ideas for fic to write. It is also good if you're shy about posting!

The rules are pretty fast and loose. However, there are rules:

♦ THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS FOR HOUSE M.D. and THERE WILL PROBABLY BE THINGS THAT SQUICK YOU. Enter at own risk! And don't come whining to be about how what has been seen cannot be unseen.
♦ An emphasis should be placed on either a) kinky stuff or b) some form of character relationship, even non-sexual or non-romantic. General fiction is discouraged. Although, I encourage exploration of character's relationships with concepts or ideas (such as addictions *cough* House *cough* or diseases *cough* Thirteen *cough*)
♦ Post all requests and responses in the comments.
♦ Be respectful. Saying 'Your kink is not OK!!' generally makes you look like an ass.
♦ On that note, try not to be a bigot. Nobody wants to read about your racism and sexism. If they do, this is not the place for it.
However, the following kinks are NOT tolerated: pedophilia, zoophilia and necrophilia. Sorry. This is also not the place to discuss shades of consent. Two (or more, or less) living, consenting adult humans only, please.
♦ One pairing/prompt per post please.
IMPORTANT: You are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make. You are not required to write one for every prompt you request. But, it would be nice.
♦ We are slash, femslash and hetslash friendly. If you don't like that, go away.
♦ No pairing bashing. Wank over your ships elsewhere.
♦ Long and short fics are welcome. Multiple responses are encouraged!
On RPS: You need a disclaimer in the tag.
On Crossovers: No spoilers for crossovers.
♦ Have fun!

Is a group effort. Do your part to keep this meme organized! If your prompt has been filled or you fill a prompt please post a comment here with the pairing, prompt and a link to the fill. I will compile them neatly into a list so that they can be found easily. Hopefully, referring to this list this will prevent repeat prompts.

Again, the archive is located here.

Is found here.

Your friendly moderator is dangerprawn. If you desperately need assistance, PM her with "HouseKink" in the subject line.
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